Chocolate bars "Five Origins"

Chocolate bars made with the best cocoas from the most exclusive origins of the world

Chocolate bars “Five Origins”

A collection of five chocolate bars made with the best cocoas from the most exclusive origins of the world.

Tableta de chocolate Xoconusco

Xoconusco, Mexico

Description: Dark chocolate bar (70 % cocoa)

Origin: We have named this chocolate after the cacao beans used to make it, Xoconusco, as this was the first denomination of origin in the history of chocolate. Moctezuma already enjoyed this delicious food before the Spanish reached New Spain (Mexico). Looking to secure trade profits and increase the income of the Crown, the Spanish sowed plantations and selected this to be the king’s chocolate.

Agricultural cooperatives in Chiapas today continue to grow this magnificent fine cocoa capable of satisfying the most discerning of tastes. This chocolate, originally made to be enjoyed by emperors and kings, is now available to those who seek excellence and wish to enjoy the contrast between its bitterness and its compensatory softer tones.

Aromatic profile: Its low acidity allows the right amount of fruity notes to be perceived without overshadowing the main element: the powerful aroma of toasted cocoa.

Ingredients: Mexican cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla extract and emulsifier (SOY lecithin). May contain traces of NUTS, EGG and MILK PROTEIN, and GLUTEN.


Branui, Brazil

Description: Dark chocolate bar (55 % cocoa minimum)

Origin: From the expanses of Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela flow the mountain waters of their exuberant natural parks, all coming together in Brazil to form the mighty Amazon. This water deity fertilises the land that cradles it, along with other rivers further to the southeast, so that the cocoa trees and passionflowers of the Atlantic Forest in the region of Bahia can yield their fruits.

This chocolate is so special because the cocoa used has undergone the fermentation process a second time using maracuja pulp, and setting off a battle of tastes with no victors or vanquished, with an alliance of pleasure eventually forming between opponents.

We imagine you have never tasted a chocolate like this. The combined result of the power of nature and man’s inventiveness. Enjoy.

Aromatic profile: Complex. A burst of fruity aromas with a predominance of passionflower, rounding off the flatter notes of the cocoa.


Tableta de chocolate Branui
Tableta de chocolate Managoto


Description: Dark chocolate bar (72 % cocoa minimum)

Origin: Venezuela has always been home to the best cocoa in the world. All along the coast it is possible to find different types of fine cocoa, from the “porcelain” white of the northeast, to the south of Lake Maracaibo all the way over to Cumaná, where our friends the Franceschi family grow their excellent Creole varieties. In the late 17th century missionary Matías Ruiz Blanco, originally from Estepa, carried out Evangelisation work in the region, combining it with the provision of aid to Palenque and Cumanagoto Indians. We dedicate this chocolate to his memory.

Get ready to taste a chocolate of “historic” value, that of the cocoa beans which over so many centuries crossed the ocean accompanying the gold and silver of Spanish galleons. Revel in this Venezuelan cocoa. A veritable treasure of the Caribbean.

Aromatic profile: notes of raisins, chestnuts and liquorice can be detected amid the clear toasted taste of cocoa in the strong bitter base.


Tavoro, Papua New Guinea

Description: Dark chocolate bar (70 % cocoa minimum)

Origin: Here you have another exclusive chocolate. Its character is the result of the confluence of the four elements of antiquity: earth, water, air and fire. Most importantly, fire erupts from the heart of the island of East New Britain in Papua New Guinea, in the form of the fully active volcano Tavurvur which spews its ashes 18 km high, causing the formation of excellent volcanic earth for planting cocoa trees on the Bay of Rabaul.

The redder tones of this chocolate are practically a reflection of the volcano’s unleashed inner energy. The same can be said of the acidity developed after the fermentation of the beans, as if they were gold nuggets. Satisfy your palate with Tavurvur gold.

Aromatic profile: Clear acidity, softened by a combination of fruity notes which allow the clean toasted flavour of the beans to come through.

Tableta de chocolate Tavoro
Tableta de chocolate Madakan

Madakan, Madagascar

Description: Milk chocolate bar (33 % cocoa minimum)

Origin: In 1900, cocoa was introduced into the region of Ambanja, Madagascar. Not far from here, the Sambirano river, increasing its flow as it comes down from the Maromokotro mountain range, complements the humidity brought by the trade winds to this paradise between the natural parks of Tsaratanana and Manongarivo, enabling the cocoa trees of Trinidad to reach their maximum splendour.

This cocoa, undoubtedly one of the best in the world, is used to make these exquisite milk chocolate bars.

Prepare your palate for the assault on the senses of this uniquely different taste, a taste that will win you over.

Aromatic profile: Balanced, with acidified nuances reminiscent of red berries, as well as milky and salt caramel notes.

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