Our wine Pedro Ximénez and extra virgin olive oil

Our wine and extra virgin olive oil

Our commitment to excellence is not limited to baking but extends to our wine and extra virgin olive oil. Dear customer, in the lines below you will find a series of presentations with two of our best-known products, our oil and our wine.

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Savour our extra virgin olive oil, produced purely mechanically with olives from centuries-old olive-trees of the autochthonous variety Picudo Blanco from Estepa. Our estate “La Fuensanta” is the only place in Spain where this variety is grown. Find a place in your larder for this oil with its bouquet of aromatic herbs and almonds. Savour its mild taste, ideal for salads or breakfast.

We also produce an extraordinary 35-year-old sweet raisin wine, made in our winery from Pedro Ximénez raisins. One delicate sip of this wine is an unequalled experience.

Spectacular embossed tin and two bottles of raisin wine from our winery and two bottles of extra virgin olive oil.

Surprise yourself, your family or friends or simply treat yourself to something that we hope will meet all your expectations. The production of these boxes is limited, so remember to reserve well ahead. When the contents are finished, the finely embossed box is still a gift to treasure.

Our extra virgin olive oil

Savour an extra virgin olive oil made with century-old Picudo Blanco olives from Estepa from our estate “La Fuensanta”.

Our wine

The Pedro Ximénez grape which we use to make our wine is lovingly aged in wooden barrels for over thirty years.

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