Bar of Mexican chocolate

Tableta de chocolate Xoconusco

Description: Dark chocolate bar (70 % cocoa)

Origin: We have named this chocolate after the cacao beans used to make it, Xoconusco, as this was the first denomination of origin in the history of chocolate. Moctezuma already enjoyed this delicious food before the Spanish reached New Spain (Mexico). Looking to secure trade profits and increase the income of the Crown, the Spanish sowed plantations and selected this to be the king’s chocolate.

Agricultural cooperatives in Chiapas today continue to grow this magnificent fine cocoa capable of satisfying the most discerning of tastes. This chocolate, originally made to be enjoyed by emperors and kings, is now available to those who seek excellence and wish to enjoy the contrast between its bitterness and its compensatory softer tones.

Aromatic profile: Its low acidity allows the right amount of fruity notes to be perceived without overshadowing the main element: the powerful aroma of toasted cocoa.

Ingredients: Mexican cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla extract and emulsifier (SOY lecithin). May contain traces of NUTS, EGG and MILK PROTEIN, and GLUTEN.

Lata 2016 2.2kg corte

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