Bar of chocolate from Madagascar

Tableta de chocolate Madakan

Description: Milk chocolate bar (33 % cocoa minimum)

Origin: In 1900, cocoa was introduced into the region of Ambanja, Madagascar. Not far from here, the Sambirano river, increasing its flow as it comes down from the Maromokotro mountain range, complements the humidity brought by the trade winds to this paradise between the natural parks of Tsaratanana and Manongarivo, enabling the cocoa trees of Trinidad to reach their maximum splendour.

This cocoa, undoubtedly one of the best in the world, is used to make these exquisite milk chocolate bars.

Prepare your palate for the assault on the senses of this uniquely different taste, a taste that will win you over.

Aromatic profile: Balanced, with acidified nuances reminiscent of red berries, as well as milky and salt caramel notes.

Lata 2016 2.2kg corte

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