Bar of Brazilian chocolate

Tableta de chocolate Branui

Description: Dark chocolate bar (70 % cocoa)

Origin: From the expanses of Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela flow the mountain waters of their exuberant natural parks, all coming together in Brazil to form the mighty Amazon. This water deity fertilises the land that cradles it, along with other rivers further to the southeast, so that the cocoa trees and passionflowers of the Atlantic Forest in the region of Bahia can yield their fruits.

This chocolate is so special because the cocoa used has undergone the fermentation process a second time using maracuja pulp, and setting off a battle of tastes with no victors or vanquished, with an alliance of pleasure eventually forming between opponents.

We imagine you have never tasted a chocolate like this. The combined result of the power of nature and man’s inventiveness. Enjoy.

Aromatic profile: Complex. A burst of fruity aromas with a predominance of passionflower, rounding off the flatter notes of the cocoa.

Lata 2016 2.2kg corte

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