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In La Despensa de Palacio today, enthusiasm has been inherited

Since they were small we have instilled the love for this trade in our children Asun, Antonio and Cristina until it became a passion. The very first verbs they used were to mix, to cook and to beat.

Meantime, they watch as in our wood oven as branches from century-old Holm oaks and olive trees burn up in a fire ritually set with a sprig of rosemary and freeing all its energy while the flames of the crackling wood release the mountain aromas which gradually define the texture and ideal toasting of our products.

But above all, attention is focused on hands. The grandfather’s expert hand, as he takes the small polvorón cakes out of the oven aided with his wooden spatula once the soft centres are cooked; the hand of the mother deftly shaping the round mantecado cakes, plunging them in sesame seeds; the crunchy palace chocolates are shaped with two hands and some spoons; the doughnuts are sweetened between the palms of two hands; layer after creamy layer is laid on “pan de cielo” by hand; knife in hand we make the orange langues de chat; the renowned small Royal Guard turrones are made by hand; our “pralines” start off with the hand-held wooden spatula used to stir the almonds in the copper pot while they caramelise; and nimble hands wrap the products once they are made, folding their gold and silver papers and twisting their silky white wrappers.

Lata 2016 2.2kg corte

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